Everest Camp 2

We reached Camp 2 today and are currently at an elevation of 21,000″.  The plan is to stay here for 3 nights to continue the acclimatization process and then return to Base Camp.

We are experiencing heavy snow and very cold temperatures tonight.  Weather permitting, we will go on hikes each day and return to Camp 2 for hot meals and rest.


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  1. Melanie
    April 23, 2016 at 9:46 pm

    We are in awe of your adventure. Best wishes to you for a successful and safe summit. Melanie and Dick Taylor

    • james.lumberg@me.com
      April 28, 2016 at 7:24 am

      Thank you, Melanie! Really great to hear from you and to receive your nice note. Hope you and Dick are well! Jim

  2. Rory Finlay
    April 23, 2016 at 7:36 am

    Jim – Be well and be safe! Happy climbs ahead – Best wishes Rory & Mary Ann Finlay 🌁

    • james.lumberg@me.com
      April 28, 2016 at 7:24 am

      Thank you, Rory!

  3. Jennifer Anderson
    April 22, 2016 at 10:23 pm

    Can’t wait to hear how your nights went at camp 2. Hopefully you were able to get out and to some hikes. Here’s to some safe acclimatizing and journey back to BC

    • james.lumberg@me.com
      April 28, 2016 at 7:26 am

      Thanks, Jennifer. I am planning to post a note on Camp 2 tomorrow. I hope you will check in! Jim

  4. Patricia Washburn
    April 22, 2016 at 6:18 pm


    • james.lumberg@me.com
      April 28, 2016 at 7:27 am

      21,000 and going higher! Thanks, Patty!

  5. Lyn
    April 22, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    Oh my goodness. Don’t even know what to say except I am praying extra hard for you and the team. I pray you are feeling okay, not experiencing altitude sickness, are able to eat and sleep, and your down suit is keeping you warm. The snow and wind are not your friends right now.

    What temperatures are you experiencing?
    How fast are the winds blowing?
    How deep is the snow?
    What physical changes do you feel?
    Can you eat and sleep? Do you want to eat and sleep?
    Are all of you still excited or is this getting old?
    Where in the world do you “hike”?

    Stay strong and keep God close wherever you go.

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